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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: My SuperCoder Code Search Default Is Set to Details. How Do I Get to a Listing Page?



SuperCoder users have a few different options to switch between code details pages and listing pages for their medical code search results. If you don’t know about the shortcuts you can use in the search box, be sure to read to the end!


Set search settings: To change the default page type for your code search results, log in to your SuperCoder code search account and select My SuperCoder/Set Search Settings from the top right menu. The Set Search Settings page will open, and you’ll be able to choose Listing (range page) or Details (in-depth page for a single code) for the code sets in your package and for your index searches. Click Save Your Settings when you’ve finished making your selections.


As an example, if you select Details as the default setting for your CPT® code searches, then every time you search a CPT® code, the code’s details page will open. If you choose Listing as your default, then entering a CPT® code in the search box will open a page that shows the code in its range.


Navigate: Another option for getting to a listing page for your code is to navigate from the details page using the links at the top of the screen. When a details page opens after a search, look near the top of the page for links to the groups the code fits into. An example is highlighted in the image.



Search bar shortcuts: To go directly to the type of page that is not your default, you can use symbols in the search box. To open a listing page instead of a default details page, add * after your code. To open a details page instead of a default listing page, enter ! after your code. For instance, searching 99215* will open a listing page when you have selected Details as your CPT® default, and searching I10! opens a details page when the ICD-10-CM default is Listing. Using the shortcuts will not change your default selections for future searches.