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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Can We Get a Multi-User TCI SuperCoder Online Coding Package Account?


Yes, TCI SuperCoder offers multi-user accounts for our online coding packages. This multi-user approach allows your team to share notes for codes within the account, helping to encourage uniform application of the coding policies that apply to your organization.


If you already have a TCI SuperCoder account, contact your sales representative to help you with upgrading to a multi-user account. If you are making a first-time coding package purchase on the TCI SuperCoder site, you’ll find the option to select between one and 15 users after you click Add to Cart. The price will change to reflect the additional users. For more than 15 users, we ask that you call customer service at 866-228-9252. (Please feel free to call or email us if you’ll have less than 15 users, too, of course! We’re glad to answer questions and help connect you with the best online coding package for your needs.)