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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ:  Where Can I Find CPT® Guidelines on SuperCoder?


CPT® code set guidelines provide official information from the American Medical Association (AMA) regarding proper use of these medical procedure codes. If you have an online SuperCoder package that includes code search, you can access CPT® guidelines a few different ways.


Option 1: On your Coding Tools or Coder page, go to the left-side menu. Select Coding/CPT®/Guidelines. Under that entry, you can choose the guidelines for the CPT® section you’re interested in, such as E/M or Surgery. These are the guidelines you would find at the front of the code section in a CPT® code set book.


Option 2: On a CPT® code’s details page, select the Guidelines tab in the Additional/Related Information box. You’ll see the guidelines that affect the code range (the subsection of codes) and also can click the Guidelines icon at the top right of the box to see the section guidelines. You’ll find parenthetical notes on CPT® details pages, as well.


Option 3: You can search CPT® guidelines using the search bar at the top of most SuperCoder pages. From the dropdown list attached to the box, select Tools. Then enter your search term, such as “shaving lesion.” The results will show you guidelines related to your search term. In fact, any time you’re on the search results page, you can select the Tools tab to see results from the guidelines related to your search. To narrow the search to CPT® guidelines, click the circle next to CPT®.





FAQ:  What’s the Difference Between Physician Coder and Multispecialty Coder?


SuperCoder’s Physician Coder and Multispecialty Coder share many of the same features for code search (CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10-CM) and tools (CCI Edits Checker and Part B fee schedules to name just two). Where Physician Coder and Multispecialty Coder differ most is access to TCI Coding Alert articles.


Physician Coder: When you opt for a Physician Coder package, you choose one of 22 specialties. You get new issues of the TCI Coding Alert particular to that specialty during your subscription period. You also get access to the searchable archives for that particular Coding Alert. For instance, if you choose Ob-Gyn Coder from the list of Physician Coder options, you get the monthly Ob-Gyn Coding Alert as well as access to that newsletter’s archives, dating back to 1998. Quizzes from the newsletter contribute to the 38 annual AAPC-approved CEUs available with your Physician Coder package.


Multispecialty Coder: If you choose the Multispecialty Coder package, you build your own library rather than getting a specialty newsletter each month. You may choose 120 articles each year from TCI’s 30 newsletters, from Anesthesia Coding Alert to Urology Coding Alert. This option is especially helpful for those who code for or who need to research coding topics for more than one specialty. This package includes 32 CEUs per year.


You can see a more complete listing of what’s included in Physician Coder and Multispecialty Coder on the pricing page for SuperCoder online coding packages.