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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Icons on the Top of a SuperCoder Code Details Page?
At the top right of your SuperCoder code details page, you may see several different icons, depending on what’s included in your coding package. Here are some examples:
Thumbs up: Click this icon to add the code to your Favorite Codes list, available on your Coding Tools page, Coder page, and on the top menu under My SuperCoder.
Paper: Clicking this icon adds the code to your Notepad, a collection of codes you’ve selected separate from your Favorite Codes that and that you can export. (Favorite Codes are also exportable.)
CMS 1500: If your coding package includes the CMS 1500 scrubber, click this icon to add your code to the scrubber.
CCI: For account holders with CCI Edits Checkers, clicking this icon adds the code to your Medicare practitioner CCI Edits Checker.
GDC: If fee schedules are included in your coding package, you also have the Global Days Calculator. Click the GDC icon to add the code to the calculator.
PDF: The next icon is the one you need when you want to select which elements of the page to include on a printable PDF.
Disk/save: The final icon shown, the old-school floppy disk, lets you save your settings for the code details page. Choose which boxes you want open by default and what order you want the boxes in, and then click the disk/save icon to apply those settings to all CPT® code details pages.