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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Where Are January CPT® Updates Posted Now That They’ve Been Implemented?


After code changes are implemented, you can find them in multiple places when you log in to your TCI SuperCoder account with code search:


  • Use the code and keyword search to get to each new code’s details page or range page.
  • Go to your Coding Tools or Coder page and look in the left-side menu under Coding/CPT®. Click the entry for 2019 Code Changes to see a complete list of updates and advice.
  • For Physician Coder subscribers, look on the Coding Tools or Coder page for updates specific to your specialty. Click Medical Codes in the top ribbon menu to make it even easier to find the code data you’re looking for.


Tip: Before changes are implemented, you can find codes on the Coding Tools or Coder page left-side menu under Coding/Upcoming Changes.



FAQ: Where Can I Find MUEs in TCI SuperCoder Tools?


If you are subscribed to a TCI SuperCoder online package that includes our fee schedule tools, check there for Medicare Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs). You’ll see results for practitioner services MUEs, DME supplier services MUEs, and facility outpatient services MUEs. You will also see the MUE Adjudication Indicator (MAI) and the MUE rationale.


You can access the fee schedules tool from your Coding Tools or Coder page and also on the code’s details or range page. You’ll find the MUE information under the fee data.


Helpful hint: By checking MUEs, you can make sure your claim doesn’t exceed Medicare’s expected number of units for a given code.