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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How Do I Access Complete Newsletter Archives for My Physician Coder Account?


To access past issues (and the current one) for the TCI newsletter included in your Physician Coder account, start by hovering over Publications on the top menu. When the dropdown list appears, select Coding and Healthcare Newsletters. The page that opens will give you access to articles and issues from the active and retired newsletters included in your account.


You also may be able to access CEU quizzes and PDFs of the issue from this site, depending on your account.


Tip: To search the articles in your archive from this page, enter your search terms in the newsletter-specific search box under the Coding and Healthcare Newsletters header. Some newsletters have archives dating back to 1998, so the search function can save you a lot of time!





FAQ: Why Do TCI SuperCoder MPFS Tools Show 26, TC, and 53?


TCI SuperCoder Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) tools include fee and RVU data under columns marked 26, TC, and 53 so you can see if a code has different values when you append modifier 26 (Professional component), TC (Technical component), or 53 (Discontinued procedure).


For instance, you can generally expect a code that has separate professional and technical components on the MPFS to have one set of RVUs for the professional component (26) and another set of RVUs for the technical component (TC), and therefore each component may have a different fee. When you add together the RVUs for the two components, they will equal the same as the RVUs for the global code (meaning the one that includes both the professional and technical components).


The 53 column is most helpful to those who code colonoscopies, as the MPFS provides RVUs for pricing certain colonoscopy codes with modifier 53 appended to indicate an incomplete colonoscopy.


Where to look: You can access MPFS data in multiple locations if it is included in your SuperCoder account. Code details pages, code listing (range) pages, the Coding Tools page, and the Fee Schedule page all include data for codes priced under the MPFS.