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Turning Every Patient into a Paying PatientSM

Patient care is your priority. Turning your patients into paying ones is ours.

Long A/R cycles and continued stressors in the healthcare environment put pressure on everyone – your staff, your patients, and your bottom line. Understanding the causes of extended payment cycles and how to respond is what we do best. Implementing the right patient communication and automation technologies lets you do what you do best.

We are experts in private patient pay billing and debt collections. Our solutions greatly reduce your level of effort while increasing your cash recovery. We integrate directly with your patient management system and automate your entire billing and collections cycle. Easy to use, with little to manage, it’s proven to increase your financial performance.

  • Reduce Wait.
  • Reduce Costs.
  • Reduce Write-offs.
  • Reduce Staff Burden.
  • Increase Satisfaction.
  • Increase Success.

Understanding Your Opportunity

  • Bridge the gap between medical insurance and private pay billing and collections
  • Reduce both hard and soft costs through enhanced business processes and automation
  • Educate your team and your patients to establish new behaviors and enhance your personal touch

Establishing Your Process

  • Increase productivity turning manual, time-consuming, and frustrating processes into automated, affordable, cloud-based ones
  • Best practices to decrease patient confusion surrounding increased financial responsibility and payment
  • Full featured and flexible integration with your existing systems
  • Call center support options for a complete Patient A/R Management

Maximizing Your Payments

  • Respectful patient communications with multiple touch points and the right frequency mix – knowing what to say and when to say it to get the desired response
  • Proven phased approach, from an inviting welcome to final resolution, allows choice and customization
  • Patient payments made easy through your online portal, multiple payment options and call center support

Improving Your Financial Performance

  • Realize immediate decreases in resource and hard costs AND increased payments
  • Track results and activity through an online dashboard and reporting
  • Ongoing performance review and enhancements help ensure you not only survive, but thrive

Now is the time to capture the results that only come with a specialist. Let us help you to:
Turn Every Patient into a Paying Patient!

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