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  1. What is the code for excision of redundant breast tissue through an axillary incision? Right axilla 4cm incision was made on the hairline. Skin and subQ tissue dissected. Flaps raised superiorly & excessive fatty glandular breast tissue was excised. Deep axillary tissues reapproximated using 2- Vicryl. Skin closed using running subcuticular 3-0 Monocryl.


  2. As per given documentation, the procedure looks like reduction mammaplasty (CPT code - 19318).
    Here we would like to share that the actual code may change depending upon the detail documentation and/or medical necessity (ICD-code). For an example; if tissue is removed for neoplasm or tumor then it may qualify 19300-19307, 19112-19125 etc.
    Need detail documentation (operative notes) to assist you further.

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