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  1. should i bill 80102 with every positive class or with every positive drug,
    maining 80102 can be repeated with the same class.

  2. As per AMA guideline -

    Use 80102 for each procedure necessary for confirmation. As with the screening code (80100), for chromatography, each combination of stationary and mobile phase is to be counted as one procedure. For example, if confirmation of three drugs by chromatography requires one stationary phase with three mobile phases, report 80102 three times. However, if multiple drugs can be confirmed using a single analysis (eg, one stationary phase with one mobile phase), report 80102 only once.
    Example -
    A 20-year-old female with a history of illegal drug use comes to the ED in a coma. The treating physician orders a drug screen necessarily without identifying any specific drug class to be tested. The laboratory performs a multiple drug class screen and reports back positive, consistent with opiates. The treating physician orders a confirmatory test, which the laboratory runs to confirm opiates using high performance liquid chromatography (not quantitative).

    To code the multiple drug class screen, use 80100 (one unit would be coded). To code the confirmatory test use 80102, because this code is used to report confirmatory testing-without quantification. One unit would be coded for the single stationary with mobile phase.

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