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  1. User id : 4743 Posted 12 months ago

    Pt underwent excision of thigh lipoma 3 months ago. Now has non-healing wound resulting from that excision. Dr. performed debridement and closure of the thigh wound. Can I code 12032 (5 cm)closure and 11403? Debridement was performed of skin and subcutaneous tissue down to the fascia for a total surface area of 4 sq cm. Am also looking at 11042, but not sure about the closure.

  2. SuperCoder Posted 12 months ago

    You should report this repair using 13160 (Secondary closure of surgical wound or dehiscence,extensive or complicated).

    Remember: Complex repairs (13100-13160) involve more than layered closure, such as extensive undermining, stents, or retention sutures. Complex repairs may be reconstructive and include creating a defect to be repaired (for instance, scar excision with subsequent closure). The repair you describe qualifies as a complex repair.

    Pointer: Layers alone do not determine the level of wound repair. A complex repair requires more than just a multi-layer closure. If you wish to report complex repair codes (13100-13160), the documentation should state that the surgeon corrected a defect or performed extensive tissue debridement.

  3. User id : 4743 Posted 11 months ago

    I don't see how I would bill for 13160 for a thigh wound that is only 5 cm, this non-healing wound was the result of an excision of a lipoma. I thought maybe more like an intermediate closure 12032?

  4. User id : 4743 Posted 11 months ago

    can someone revisit my question, please

  5. SuperCoder Posted 11 months ago

    I will answer this soon today. Please be patient.

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