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  1. The surgeon performed a right frontal craniotomy for resection of a mass then a cranialization of the frontal sinus. I cannot locate a CPT code for the second procedure.

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    We are working on this. Will get back soon with the answer.


  3. Cranialization of the frontal sinus is a procedure during which the surgeon actually removes the affected frontal sinus. In other words, the surgeon is completing a sinusectomy. This might be due to excessive sinus issues that haven't resolved with multiple other treatments, due to damage from trauma, or other reasons.

    CPT codes 31804 and 31805 represent different approaches to frontal sinusectomy with obliteration. For procedures performed without obliteration, you would choose either 31086 or 31087. If your payer won't accept those codes or if they don't seem to adequately represent the procedure, your next best option is to report 31299 (Unlisted procedure, accessory sinuses). Be sure to include adequate documentation explaining the procedure and why it was necessary.

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