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Bid farewell to flipping through thousands of resources to locate the code info you need. Physician Coder connects code search with 6 medical coding tools and 1 Coding Institute Coding Alert newsletter subscription — all on the same page.

You get:
  • Error Eliminator: Avoid top coding error areas with guidance from thousands of archived coding articles targeting just your specialty
  • Streamliner: 7-in-1 Fee Schedules makes finding payments, global days, MUEs, and more a no-brainer.
  • Convenience: Instant access to your specialty's most frequently used codes
  • Decreased Denials: CPT↔ICD-9 CrossRef  shows you a CPT® code's top reported ICD-9 codes and vice versa
  • ICD-10 Helper: On an ICD-9-CM code page, see ICD-10-CM code results so you learn the ICD-10-CM codes you'll use for the same diagnoses starting Oct. 1, 2015.
  • Cleaner Claims: Add codes into SuperCoder's CMS 1500 Real Time Scrubber and you'll get instant advice so you can correct the claim before it goes to the clearinghouse.
  • Better Value: 14 Survival Guides make learning a new specialty's top rules a breeze
  • Certification Extender: Annually attain 38 AAPC-approved CEUs by taking quizzes on your monthly Coding Alert (6 CEUs), Survival Guides (14 CEUs), archived Webinars (6 CEUs), and SuperCoder Bolt coding news articles (12 CEUs)
  • Money Saver: Save $170 on this SuperSaver pack that combines everything in Fast Coder plus 2 more medical coding tools and a Coding Alert subscription.
New – Add Articles Across Alerts
Want to Read Articles from Multiple Coding Alerts?
Build a library of articles from any of the Coding Alert and Eli HealthCare publications. Search for codes and/or keywords that you want to read about in a trusted Coding Institute article, click on the article link to read an excerpt of the article before adding it to your growing Library.

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Customers have been asking for a cross-Alert article pack which delivers these great benefits:
  • Access to any article you want regardless of issue title
  • Same amount of content as you'd get from a Coding Alert -Print only but you choose what you want to read (Multispecialty and all print only newsletters do not include archives or issue PDFs)
  • 32 AAPC-approved CEUs from Survival Guides (14 CEUs) SuperCoder Bolt (12 CEUs) and webinars (6 CEUs).
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