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Now spot applicable codes faster with more relevant results. Get results specific for Age-, Gender-, or Time-based codes, and narrow down multi-anatomy code results by adding location. What's even better? ... Your favorite coder is now available at a monthly price of $49.95!
  • More efficient neurosurgery code search with real-time searching across four codesets: CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-9, and ICD-10-CM New!
  • Demystify allowed modifiers, global packages, and Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs) with the clear and concise 7-in-1 Fee Schedule tool
  • Nip denials in the bud using LCD Lookup, CPT↔ICD-9 CrossRef, and CCI Edits Checker
  • Put brand new code pairing tools to work for you: CPT® ↔ modifiers, HCPCS ↔ modifiers, and CPT® ↔ HCPCS
  • Make the transition to ICD-10-CM simple with two helpful mappers – ICD-10 GEMs and Extended logic.
  • Simply enter any claims data on the CMS 1500 Scrubber for Real-Time to get instant feedback.
  • Enter any CPT®/HCPCS code to gets its relative Medicare Part B drug information using NDC ↔ CPT/HCPCS CrossRef.
  • 38 AAPC-approved CEUs — including 6 CEU opportunities from your monthly Neurosurgery Coding Alert
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This coder-designed, online solution understands the importance of compliance, accuracy, and getting every dollar you deserve:
  • Get the latest news on revisions to codes, CCI edits, and fee schedule status with expert insights into how the changes will affect you.
  • Search complete Neurosurgery Coding Alert archives and 14 Survival Guides for topic or code research in a flash.
Neurosurgery Coder helps take your coding to the next level with coding tips and compliance strategies approved by an industry-leading expert, conveniently packaged in your monthly Neurosurgery Coding Alert.
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