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Fast Track Your Internal Medicine Coding with Online Code Search & Advice
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Now spot applicable codes faster with more relevant results. Get results specific for Age-, Gender-, or Time-based codes, and narrow down multi-anatomy code results by adding location. What's even better? ... Your favorite coder is now available at a monthly price of $49.95!
  • Find any code in a flash with flexible search options for CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10-CM New!
  • Get expert guidance on your schedule with searchable Internal Medicine Coding Alert archives and 14 specialty coding guides
  • Pair up your codes with precision using CPT↔ICD-9 CrossRef, CPT® and CMS allowed modifiers, and CPT®↔HCPCS
  • Stop claim troubles in their tracks with user-friendly CCI Edits Checker, 7-in-1 Fee Schedule Tool, and LCD/NCD Lookup
  • Effortlessly convert ICD-9-CM codes to ICD-10-CM with two mappers based on GEMs and approximation logic.
  • Add codes into SuperCoder’s CMS 1500 Scrubber for Real-Time and you’ll get instant advice so you can correct the claim before it goes to the clearinghouse.
  • Find helpful Medicare Part B drug information for CPT/HCPCS codes with the new NDC ↔ CPT/HCPCS CrossReference.
  • Fly through your CEU requirements with 38 AAPC-approved options.
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With the most pertinent internal medicine topics linked to code lookup, LCDs/NCDs, CCI edits, fees, and more, your coding is on target to fewer denials, improved compliance, and increased payments!
  • Stay organized with a wide range of official rules, expert guidance, and essential resources for the services you provide— conveniently collected in one location
  • Stay ahead of the game with updates and analysis of the CCI edits, code revisions, and coding news that affects you most.
Internal Medicine Coder eliminates the need for multiple coding resources by connecting you to crucial guidance — including the Coding Institute’s monthly Internal Medicine Coding Alert — right on your desktop.
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