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Pediatric Urology: 50845, 51960: Learn the Keys to Properly Coding MACE, Mitrofanoff, and More

- Published on Wed, May 18, 2011

You'll be able to report anastomosis with some procedures and not others.

If your urologist sees pediatric patients you may occasionally run across some procedures that you're not used to coding. When your urologist performs a Malone antegrade colonic enema (MACE), a Mitrofanoff procedure, or a Monti procedure, you might be left scratching your head over the proper code choice. Follow this expert guidance to ensure you're reporting the proper codes for every pediatric surgery your urologist performs.

Differentiate MACE and Mitrofanoff Before Coding

The MACE and Mitrofanoff procedures are similar, as both are used mainly in pediatric patients and involve similar anatomy, which makes coding for them a challenge.

MACE: For the MACE procedure, the physician uses the appendix or other small section of bowel to create an opening attached to the skin (a cutaneous stoma) to be used to irrigate antegrade with a catheter fecal matter from the colon.

"The MACE is generally a [...]

Urology Coding Alert
Issue - May, 2011
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