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You Be the Coder: 73565 Is Common Cause of Confusion

- Published on Tue, Apr 03, 2012

Question: How should I code the following report? X-rays: I interpreted Rosenberg, lateral, and sunrise views of both knees in the office today demonstrating on the right side a proximal tibial medial osteochondroma. She also has moderately severe osteoarthritis in the patellofemoral joint and the lateral compartment bilaterally. Should we report 73560-RT, 73560-LT, and 73565? Or should we report 73562-RT, 73562-LT? Member

Answer: Coding experts advise using the second code combination you mention for a standing view of each knee with an additional two views of each knee:

  • 73562-LT, Radiologic examination, knee; 3 views; Left side
  • 73562-RT, ... Right side.

Here's why: The rationale is that you should report 73565 (Radiologic examination, knee; both knees, standing, anteroposterior) only when the standing views are performed on their own. If the standing views are taken in combination with other views, then you should add the views together and choose your codes based on the total [...]

Radiology Coding Alert
Issue - Apr, 2012
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