Pulmonology Coding Alert

Correction: Use This Chart to Learn the Minimum Criteria for Reporting 99213, 99214

- Published on Mon, Nov 14, 2005

Our September Clip and Save “Use This Handy Chart to Nail Down Elements of 99213, 99214” included an error. In the chart, under the 99214 column, we noted that the HPI for 99214 requires “4+ Elements (or status of 3+ chronic diseases).” It should have said just 4+ Elements.

We have reprinted the entire table above so that you can use the correct version of the Clip and Save. The entire table now follows the 1995 guidelines.

Thanks to Ginny Hamlet, CPC, CCP, of Pulmonary Associates of Richmond Inc. in Virginia for catching the error.

Pulmonology Coding Alert
Issue - Nov, 2005
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