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CORRECTION: Use 41010, Not 40806 for Lingual Frenotomy

- Published on Mon, Dec 20, 2010

Pay attention to labial, lingual, "ec" when coding frenotomies.

The Pediatric Coding Alert August 2010 "Reader Question: 40806 Represents Lingual Frenectomy" gave the incorrect code. "The correct code for a lingual frenotomy would be 41010 (Incision of lingual frenum [frenotomy]) not 40806 as the article states," explains Janet Kidneigh, CCS, CPC, otolaryngology, urology and cardiothoracic coding specialist at The Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colo. "40806 (Incision of labial frenum [frenotomy]) is the code for a labial frenotomy (lip tie)," Kidneigh says.

To keep the terms straight, know these key anatomical structures and procedures:

  • labial -- associate with lip
  • lingual (under the tongue) -- think linguistics (language - tongue).

Pay attention to whether the note describes a frenotomy or a frenectomy (40819, Excision of frenum, labial or buccal [frenumectomy, frenulectomy, frenectomy]). Frenotomies are performed to treat a congenital condition when newborns with tongue-tie cannot latch and suckle. Frenectomies are [...]

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