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Reader Question: Correction: V58.83 is Primary Diagnosis

- Published on Tue, Sep 15, 2009

Question: Which ICD-9 code(s) should we use when billing for a PT test to monitor Coumadin therapy? I read in a past issue of your newsletter [Vol. 10, No. 5] that you should list V58.61 first, not the underlying condition. But ICD-9 lists V58.61 as a secondary diagnosis -- what should we do?

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Answer: You are correct that ICD-9 lists V58.61 (Long-term [current] use of anticoagulants) as a secondary diagnosis. However, the article you referenced correctly states that you shouldn't list first the underlying condition when the reason for the prothrombin time (PT) test is to monitor the effectiveness of anticoagulation medication.

A change to the laboratory national coverage determination (NCD) for PT now lists V58.83 (Encounter for  therapeutic drug monitoring) as a covered diagnosis. ICD-9 instruction for that code states, "Use additional code for any associated long-term (current) drug use (V58.61- V58.69)."

If the reason for [...]

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Issue - Sep, 2009
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