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Reader Question: Tympanoplasty Includes Graft

- Published on Tue, May 01, 2001

Question: My otolaryngologist performed a type I tympanoplasty with temporalis fascia graft. Can I bill the graft separately, or is it included in the tympanoplasty?

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Answer: The graft is included in the tympanostomy and should not be billed separately. Although the procedures are not bundled in the national Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) and the CPT descriptor does not include obtaining the graft, the fee for the graft has been factored into the value of 69631 (tympanoplasty without mastoidectomy [including canalplasty, atticotomy and/or middle ear surgery)], initial or revision; without ossicular chain reconstruction).

The lay description of the procedure in Coders Desk Reference also supports this view, stating, Some fascia from the temporalis muscle or other tissues is harvested as a graft to repair the tympanic membrane perforation.

Otolaryngology Coding Alert
Issue - May, 2001
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