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You Be the Coder: Code Amputation Complication as Primary Dx

- Published on Sun, Jan 01, 2006

Question: Our surgeon admitted a patient for revision of an amputation stump following hematoma formation due to bone bleeding. Should we report 998.12 as the diagnosis code, or would 997.69 be more appropriate?

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Answer:  You should report 997.69 (Amputation stump complication; other) as your primary diagnosis. According to the American Hospital Association-s ICD-9 Coding Clinic for the fourth quarter of 1995, -Category 997.6, Amputation stump complication, is for use to describe all complications of amputation stumps, whether due to a current amputation or to the late effect of an amputation.-

You should report 998.12 (Hematoma complicating a procedure) as a secondary diagnosis to show the insurer that the surgeon had to deal with a hematoma during the revision.

Orthopedic Coding Alert
Issue - Jan, 2006
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