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Reader Question: Judet View X-ray

- Published on Fri, Sep 01, 2000

Question: My physician ordered a Judet view of a patients hip it is not a common view. My x-ray technician says it is internal/external oblique pelvis view, two views, but it is a sideways view and not at all an anteroposterior view. Code 72170 (radiologic examination, pelvis; anteroposterior only) does not accurately describe this view. What do you suggest I use? This view is frequently ordered because of a pending hip replacement surgery.

Jana Wright
Saratoga, Calif.

Answer: Although you do not specify in your question, the impression is that your physician is requesting the Judet view as a single view of the pelvis. If this is the case, there is no CPT code that describes this x-ray exam. You would report 76499 (unlisted diagnostic radiologic procedure). When reporting this code, you will need to submit a special report describing the service. Based on the description of the service you provide in your question, you appear to have sufficient information already to include in a letter to the carrier. In addition to providing information about the positioning of the patient for a Judet view of the pelvis, you may want to suggest to the carrier that it base its reimbursement on the fee schedule amount for a listed diagnostic radiology procedure. Ask your x-ray technician for assistance in equating the Judet view to another listed diagnostic
radiology procedure.

Orthopedic Coding Alert
Issue - Sep, 2000
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