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You Be the Coder: Levator Repair

- Published on Tue, Jun 05, 2012

Question: What is the correct code for a levator resection with an external approach to repair blepharoptosis?

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Answer: Code 67904 (Repair of blepharoptosis; [tarso] levator resection or advancement, external approach) describes this procedure, in which the ophthalmologist uses an external approach, creating an incision in the fold of the upper eyelid through which he accesses the levator tendon. He then resects or advances the tendon to correct the eyelid's drooping.

Sometimes the ophthalmologist will need to approach the muscle internally, through the conjunctiva. If you have documented that the surgeon everted the eyelid (i.e., turned it inside-out) and resected the levator tendon through the conjunctiva, report 67903 (... [tarso] levator resection or advancement, internal approach).


Ophthalmology Coding Alert
Issue - Jun, 2012
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