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READER QUESTIONS: Reinstated Code J1750 May Cause Trouble

- Published on Fri, Feb 20, 2009

Question: Is there a new code for INFeD iron dextran? My J1751 claims are being denied.

Indiana Subscriber

Answer: HCPCS 2009 replaced J1751 (Injection, iron dextran 165, 50 mg), J1752 (Injection, iron dextran 267,50 mg), and Q4098 (Injection, iron dextran, 50 mg) with J1750 (Injection, iron dextran, 50 mg).

Code J1750 existed prior to HCPCS 2006, so HCPCS technically is reinstating -- rather than adding -- this code. Although your payer seems to have updated its files, reinstated codes sometimes add additional confusion to payer updates, so keep an eye out for denials from other payers and inform them of the change if necessary.

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Issue - Feb, 2009
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