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You Be the Coder: Delivery With Forceps

- Published on Sun, Jun 01, 2003

Test your coding knowledge. Determine how you would code this situation before looking at the box below for the answer.

Question: Is there a way to code to receive more money for a forceps delivery?

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Answer: CPT includes the use of forceps in the delivery code (for example, 59400, Routine obstetric care including antepartum care, vaginal delivery [with or without episiotomy, and/or forceps] and postpartum care). No payer will recognize this service separately.

Occasionally, you may be able to argue that a vacuum-assisted delivery required significantly more work than described by the delivery codes, especially if the birth was very difficult and the ob-gyn was in constant attendance. But you would have to provide documentation with the claim to support your assertions. If this is the case, the only way you could bill the extra work would be to append modifier -22 (Unusual procedural services) to the delivery code.


Ob-Gyn Coding Alert
Issue - Jun, 2003
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