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Reader Questions: Laparascopy vs. Mini-laparotomy

- Published on Wed, Sep 01, 1999

Question: What is the difference between a laparoscopy and a mini-laparotomy, and how would you code the mini-laparotomy?

Barb Young
Ob/Gyn Health Partners
St. Louis, MO

Answer: A mini-laparotomy consists of making a small incision at one of the trocar sites when laparoscopy is performed to remove part of the contents out of the pelvic cavity to perform surgery on it. If you will take a look at the note that precedes the laparoscopic section of CPT you will notice that it says, When the laparoscopy requires mini-laparotomy (Hasson technique) or when secondary procedures involve significant additional time and effort, they may be reported by using the modifier -22 (unusual procedural services) or code 09922.

Ob-Gyn Coding Alert
Issue - Sep, 1999
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