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Reader Questions: 57500 Describes Lesion or Biopsy Removal

- Published on Sat, Jan 01, 2005

Question: What is the CPT code for an excision of a polypoid mass of the cervix?

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Answer: For this procedure, you should use 57500 (Biopsy, single or multiple, or local excision of lesion, with or without fulguration [separate procedure]), which  describes the removal of a lesion on the cervix, which can be a polyp, or a biopsy.
No other code will suffice, unless the polyp turns out to be actually a fibroid that has prolapsed through the cervical canal. Your only other option if the polyp was deeply imbedded or large, thus requiring significant work to remove, is to add modifier -22 (Unusual procedural services) to the biopsy code. If the situation is none of the above, there is always the unlisted-procedure code 58999 (Unlisted procedure, female genital system [nonobstetrical]).

Ob-Gyn Coding Alert
Issue - Jan, 2005
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