Education: Be Sure You Are Answering M0090 Correctly.

- Published on Mon, Aug 10, 2009

Scenario: As part of the assessment in a physical therapy-only case, the therapist collects and initially reviews the patient’s medications. The agency procedure then has the nurse in the office perform the final review of the medication sheet to identify drug interactions or other issues.

Question: What is the correct answer for M0090 (Date assessment completed)?

A) The date the therapist compiles and reviews the medication list within the comprehensive assessment.

B) The date the nurse does the final review of the medications.

C) The date the nurse tells the therapist the results of the medication review.

Answer: C. The correct date for M0090 “is the date that the last piece of information necessary to complete the comprehensive assessment is gathered,” advises the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in its answer to Question 4 of the [...]

Issue - Aug, 2009
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