Neurology & Pain Management Coding Alert

Watch for Frequent Signs and Symptoms

- Published on Mon, Sep 29, 2008

Neurology highlights: Signs and symptoms you might encounter more frequently in a neurology practice include numbness or tingling (782.0), headache (784.0), muscle incoordination (781.3), tremor or spasm (781.0), muscle weakness (728.87), cognitive changes (294.9), visual changes (368.9), abnormal gait (781.2), and difficulty walking (719.7). Keep an eye out for these symptoms when your neurologist offers no definitive diagnosis.

Example: During an initial consult with a new patient, your neurologist suspects a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease (332). How should you report this?

Answer: Until testing or diagnostic services confirm that diagnosis, you should rely on signs and symptoms (such as tremor: 781.0, Abnormal involuntary movements) to justify medical necessity for any services the physician provides.

Neurology & Pain Management Coding Alert
Issue - Sep, 2008
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