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Reader Questions: Remember E Code on Suicide Attempt

- Published on Mon, Mar 17, 2008

Question: I am having trouble deciding on diagnosis codes for the following encounter: ED physician treats patient who attempted to hang herself. The notes indicate the patient suffered a sprained neck and several abrasions to her larynx and trachea. What ICD-9 codes should I include for this claim?

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Answer: You-ll have to code separately for the attempt itself, the patient's mental state, and any injuries incurred during the suicide attempt. On the claim, include the following diagnosis codes:

- 300.9 (Unspecified nonpsychotic mental disorder) to represent the patient's suicidal tendencies

- E953.0 (Suicide and self-inflicted injury by hanging) to represent the suicide attempt method

- 847.0 (Sprains and strains of other and unspecified parts of back; neck) for the neck sprain

- 910.0 (Superficial injury of face, neck, and scalp except eye; abrasion or friction burn without mention of infection) to represent the neck abrasions.

Emergency Department Coding & Reimbursement Alert
Issue - Mar, 2008
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