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Reader Questions: Code 00530 for Reveal Loop Recorder

- Published on Tue, Apr 12, 2005

Question: What anesthesia code is appropriate for implantation of a Reveal loop recorder? The surgeon implanted it to rule out dysrhythmia (the diagnosis was syncope); the anesthesiologist used light sedation and a local anesthetic.

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Answer: Begin with diagnosis code 780.2 (Syncope and collapse). The surgical code for implantation is 33282 (Implantation of patient-activated cardiac event recorder). This crosses to anesthesia code 00530 (Anesthesia for permanent transvenous catheter insertion). You'll also report 00530 for the follow-up procedure if the surgeon removes the recorder at a later date.

Before coding, remember that light sedation technically does not require an anesthesiologist's care. Be sure he administered a MAC anesthetic and you have appropriate documentation before you code the case. 

Anesthesia Coding Alert
Issue - Apr, 2005
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