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Reader Questions: 64483 and 64484 Are for Lumbar Nerve Root Blocks

- Published on Thu, Sep 09, 2004

Question: What code should I use for a lumbar nerve root block?

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Answer: You should report CPT 64483 (Injection, anesthetic agent and/or steroid, transforaminal epidural; lumbar or sacral, single level) for your first-level injection. Report each additional injection separately with +64484 (... lumbar or sacral, each additional level [list separately in addition to code for primary procedure]). Remember you cannot report modifier -51 (Multiple procedures) with 64484 because it is an add-on code. Some physicians refer to these as "selective nerve root blocks," so being familiar with the term helps if you see it on a chart.

 - Answers to You Be the Coder and Reader Questions were reviewed by LaSeille Willard, CPC, anesthesia coder for the physician group Anesthesia Consultants in Thurmont, Md.

Anesthesia Coding Alert
Issue - Sep, 2004
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