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Reader Question: ICD-9 Coding Help

- Published on Thu, Feb 01, 2001

Question: What are the correct ICD-9 codes for epidural fibrosis, lumbar facet joint disease and facet joint syndrome?

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Answer: None of the conditions you ask about has a specific diagnosis code. Two possible ICD-9 codes for epidural fibrosis are 349.2 (disorders of meninges, not elsewhere classified) or 724.9 (other unspecified back disorders). Codes for facet joint syndrome could be 724.9, 719.9 (unspecified disorder of joint) or 724.8 (other symptoms referable to back). Lumbar facet joint disease is usually related to osteoarthritis of the spine or spondylosis. Use 721.90 (spondylosis of unspecified site without mention of myelopathy) for an unspecified site, or the appropriate diagnosis from codes 721.0-721.42 for specific levels. You also possibly could use 724.6 (disorders of sacrum) for lumbar sacral disease or 724.9 for spinal joint disease.

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Issue - Feb, 2001
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