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All the tactics and expertise you need to code correctly and profitably are provided to you in The Coding Institute’s 20 + specialty-specific medical coding newsletters. From payer variations on modifier use to practical instructions on difficult-to-surmount coding scenarios to updates on how the latest changes will affect your specialty, a Coding Alert’s how-to articles and archives have got you covered!

Check out these must-have benefits a subscription to a Coding Alert provides:

  • Accuracy Booster: Monthly* coding updates, innovative case studies and revenue-boosting tips from the Coding Alert of your choice - choose from 1 of 20 + specialties including multi-specialty
  • Time Saver: Fast searching by code or keyword of thousands of archived articles from your selected Coding Alert
  • 24 CEUs Annually: Pass quizzes from Coding Alert** (6 CEUs), SuperCoder Bolt (12 CEUs), and webinars (6 CEUs) to maintain AAPC certification.
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Customers have been asking for a cross-Alert article pack which delivers these great benefits:
  • Access to any article you want regardless of issue title
  • Same amount of content as you'd get from a Coding Alert -Print only but you choose what you want to read (Multispecialty and all print only newsletters do not include archives or issue PDFs)
  • 18 AAPC-approved CEUs from SuperCoder Bolt (12 CEUS) and webinars (6 CEUs).

*Part B Insider is a weekly subscription.

**Coding Alert 6 CEUs not offered with Physical Medicine & Rehab Coding Alert.


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Stephanie loves the anesthesia calculator. It makes her job go faster!
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CUSTOMERS Testimonials
CUSTOMERS Testimonials
CUSTOMERS Testimonials

Look Up Code Information & Advice. Select Specialty Now
Anesthesia Coding Alert delivers the essential information you need on time unit calculations, anesthesia provider modifiers, medical direction nuances, and more.
Cardiology Coding Alert provides the insight you need to code a variety of cardiology subspecialties including cardiac cath, PV, EP, nuclear medicine, echocardiography, and medication management.
From simple lesion removals to complex skin grafts, Dermatology Coding Alert improves coding accuracy with practical tips reviewed by expert Pamela Biffle, CPC, CPC-P, CPC-I, CHCC, CHCO.
ED Coding and Reimbursement Alert is the secret weapon that gives insider strategies on the latest revenue opportunities and fraud protection from ED expert Michael Granovsky, MD, CPC, FACEP.
Spend a few minutes with Family Practice Coding Alert each month for the most reliable, accurate, and timely information available on coding for comorbidities, Medicare, well-baby and more.
If you've ever struggled with whether 91117 overrides 36400 or wondered how to prep for the change to ICD-10 GERD codes, Gastroenterology Coding Alert has the solutions you need.
From complex op notes fraught with bundling issues to unlisted lap surgical procedures that thwart your best coding instincts, let the experts at General Surgery Coding Alert lead you through the coding landmines to better pay on the other side.
Taking small steps now to ensure a smooth transition to ICD-10 is doable with 2 ICD-10 code mappers and monthly ICD-10 coding information from AHIMA-certified ICD-10 coding instructor Suzanne Leder, M.Phil., CPC, COBGC.
Each issue of Internal Medicine Coding Alert features specialty-specific analysis and practical examples to help sharpen your E/M services accuracy and Medicare compliance.
Make sure your charge master isn't missing dollars and your DRGs meet documentation requirements with practical solutions reviewed by renowned expert Duane Abbey, PhD.
What's the most nerve conduction studies you can report for bilateral carpal tunnel testing? For transforaminal epidural injections, do you count interspaces or vertebrae? Turn to Neurology and Pain Management Coding Alert for all your answers.
From approaches to screws to cosurgeries, Neurosurgery Coding Alert makes the complex manageable with monthly tips, strategies, and case studies -- all approved by consultant Gregory Przybylski, MD.
Sort out ACOG, CPT®, and payer guidelines like a pro while learning ICD-10 with hard-hitting advice straight from consulting editor Melanie Witt, RN, CPC, COBGC..
Beware: The initial infusion may not be the first, and 'history of' codes aren't always clear-cut. Rely on Oncology & Hematology Coding Alert to help you translate clinical documentation into correct codes.
Whether you're coding for simple refractions or shared postop cataract management, tune in monthly to Ophthalmology Coding Alert to boost your precision and compliance.
Reel in pay for hard-to-capture items like postop cataract surgery care with straightforward guidance from Optometry Coding & Billing Alert.
From global fracture care to complex op notes, Orthopedic Coding Alert guides you with specialty-specific analysis, tools, and practical examples.
Every issue of Otolaryngology Coding Alert is chock-full of insider tips, sample forms, and handy cheat-sheets to help you code FESS, RNDs, H&Ps, and more.
Your ASC or ED facility will pass an audit with flying colors thanks to the expert advice from national speaker and consulting editor Sarah Goodman, MBA, CPC-H, CCP, FCS.
Part B Insider offers up-to-the-minute reimbursement guidance, compliance news, and coding strategies so you can continue to collect every cent you deserve.
With 100+ new CPT® 2012 molecular diagnostics codes and never-ending drug screen coverage issues, you can't afford to be without the expert guidance of Pathology/Lab Coding Alert.
You can navigate well-baby checks, ADHD follow ups, and shot clinics with every dollar you deserve thanks to each month's scenarios reviewed by pediatrician Richard Tuck, MD, FAAP.
For more than 10 years, Physical Medicine and Rehab Coding Alert has been the go-to reference for timely information on therapy/rehabilitation dilemmas, compliance, and coding issues.
From diabetic footwear to nail debridement procedures, Podiatry Coding & Billing Alert specializes in practical, how-to advice from experienced coders in the podiatry coding and billing field.
Are your practice's collection rates dropping? Are your payers sending you more and more denials? Practice Management Alert can help improve your collection rates, lower your days in A/R, and increase your revenue.
If you worry about meeting sleep study requirements or falling into the 95801/95803 trap, you need Pulmonology Coding Alert for the latest coding news and the hottest topics.
Whether you're coding for chest X-rays or femoral revascularization, Radiology Coding Alert shows you how to apply guidelines to simplify your job and keep your claims compliant.
Protect your uroflowmetry and Lupron injection pay with more concise expert answers to the coding and reimbursement challenges you face in each month's Urology Coding Alert.